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Onda has a proven track record of utilizing the most modern technologies in operation, marking its excellence as a leader in the industry.

Well-equipped with the latest machinery and equipment, we stand one step ahead of the competition. Anticipating trends and keeping abreast of the most recent developments in the ready mix concrete sector is part of our commitment to our valuable customers.

Our Products and services are:

Our Laboratory

The company maitaing a modern laboratory equipped with the latest equipment and tool- all compliant to international quality standards.

This will ensure that all raw materials pass quality control testing in each production stage inside the laboratory. Additionally, during the pouring of cement at specific sites, we use calibrated eqipment and tools which meet quality and safety demands.

We use;

Safety & Environment

While putting importance to the highest standards of perfomance, product and equipment quality, Onda isequally committed to workplace safety and preservation of the environment.

We believe in maintaining the ecological balance through sustainable environmental projects. Preserving nature for subsequent generations to enjoy, remains our most prized endavour.

To deliver along safety and environment, we are;

Raw Materials

We put permium on self-reliance in procuring the required raw materials, required procedures and composed analysis to get best end products.

Transportation services are equally important and one of key elements in business sucess and growth.

Based on these concept, Onda Concrete endavours to achieve self-sufficiency by better planning of raw materials supply through the following:


Our engineers both mechanical and automotive keep our facilities smooth and runningin optimum conditions.

This enables our fleet of machinery and locomotives keep up with demand workforce. We also do regular servicing and preventive maintenance.

We have:

Trusted by:

Hard Working

We believe in hardwork and committment and thats the virtue that has made us who we are.

Award Winning

Having delivered to many clients and customers, we are trusted and awarded several trophies.


We have a team of highly skilled and qualified professionals with expertise craftsmanship.


Our products and services gives long term warranty since we believe in excellence.

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